Article 1. - Scope of the Competition.

The scope of the competition is Spanish and International.

Article 2. - Objectives.

CERTAMEN TOPWINE is organized with the aim of promotion, communication, presenting the best wines to buyers and consumers of all countries through professional actions.

Article 3. - Condition of admission.

• The Contest is open to all wines and spirits of the world without discriminations.

• The wines presented must be bottled and have their sanitary registration number.

Article 4. - Registration.

To validate the registration, all participants should send to the address indicated in Article 6 the following:

A) Completed entry form (Registration Form - ANNEX ) with the following information:

• Full fiscal details of participating company. Invoice will be sent once received the payment.

• Brand name of the product.
• Product category (white, red, rose, sparkling, liqueur wine / Vermouth)
• Country.
• Denomination of Origin.
• Year of harvest.
• Varieties of grapes and their percentage.
• If it has been elaborated and aged in wood.
• Average retail price.

B) Samples (3 bottles of each reference).

C) Proof of payment.

Article 5. - Samples.

• 3 bottles are required per each reference.

• The bottles must be perfectly labeled.
• Shipping of samples is the responsibility of the participating company and therefore will assume the risks and expenses (transportation, customs, fees previously paid by the sender) as well as the courier company. The participation rights of samples that do not arrive at destination due to loss or breakage will not be reimbursed. Samples that do not comply with competition rules will not be returned and will remain the property of the CERTAMEN TOPWINE.

Article 6. - Shipment of samples.

Samples should be sent to the following address:



(Deadline to receive samples is April 17, 2020)


Article 7. - Cost of participation.

For Spanish companies: 80 € + VAT 21% (96,80 € VAT include).

For foreign companies: 80 € (IMPORTANT: Valid Intra community VAT should be indicate, otherwise it should be applied 21% (Spanish VAT)/ 96,80 € VAT include.
With this unique participation fee, the participating companies may submit as many wines they wish.
Payment by bank transfer to the following account:

CERTAMEN TOPWINE -------------------------


 Invoice will be sent once received the payment and registration form.

Samples cannot be accepted to compete if registration fees are not paid. Payment will not be refunded, regardless of circumstances leading to a cancelled entry.

Article 8. - Organization of the competition.

The contest is organized under absolute anonymity. The samples will be covered, hiding their information and without possibility of their identification.

Article 9. - Jury.

The jury will be composed of a team of the best specialists and experts of the sector (Sommeliers, oenologists, distributors of the sector as well as other accredited professionals) whose names for confidentiality will not be published before the competition for the good end of it.

Article 10. - Wine tasting.

The wines will be tasted with the following temperatures:

Sparkling wines: 8 - 10 ° C

White and rosé wines: 8 - 10 ° C
Red wines: 14 - 16 ° C
Liquer Wines: 8 - 10 ° C
Sweet wines: 14 - 16 ° C
Liquer: 15-18ºC

Article 11. - Awards.

Prizes will be awarded according to the following scores:

• GRAN ORO (between 94-100 points)

• ORO (between 89-93 points)
• PLATA (between 83-88 points)

The number and percentage in medals will be 30% of the total of the samples presented in the contest.

The results will be communicated in our official web page www.topwine.es day 24 of April 2020.

For each medal obtained the winery will receive the corresponding diploma in digital format. In addition, the awarded wines will have identification of the prizes received, for their subsequent use, which can be used after the contest in the bottles (these labels can be purchased only to the CERTAMEN TOPWINE organization). Only the medals can be used in the awarded wines and published in our official list of the web page www.topwine.es It will be totally prohibited and penalized to place unofficial labels.

The organizers of CERTAMEN TOPWINE reserve the exclusive right to control the good commercial use of the medals.

Article 12. - Advertising.

The participating company authorizes the organization of the CERTAMEN TOPWINE 2020 in its discretion: publish the names and details of all the winning entries in all their categories at the end of the contest.

The results of the contest will be announced as widely as possible year around using all possible mediums of communication (Social Networks, web, Spanish and international specialized press, gastronomic press).

The wines obtained the GRAN ORO medal will be published in the special article of specialized high rated Spanish magazines.

Article 13. - Compliance with Regulation.

Participation in the contest implies the acceptance of this regulation.